Vater Percussion

Joe has been playing with Vater products since 1998. At that time Joe lived in Massachusetts and had just graduated from Berklee College of Music. Shortly after he was touring with Boston-Blues Diva, Toni Lynn Washington. At the time Vater sticks were and are still superior to him! Believing so deeply in their products Joe approached Vater about becoming an artist. At the time Joe spoke with John Dawkes, in charge of artist relations at the time, and welcomed him with open arms. Joe would like to give a special thanks to Chad Brandolini and everyone at Vater Percussion. Joe has been very proud to be a part of the Vater family for over 25 years now!

Band Names
Jazz-Fusion group, Joe DeRose and Amici II
Samoan Reggae Artist, Geno, and The Blue Island Band

Joe proudly uses the following Vater Products
Virgil DoNati’s Assault
Jimmy Cobb Model
Wire tap retractable brushes
Poly-flex brushes
T-5 Classical staccato mallets
Monster brushes
Vintage boom beater
Buzz Kill

A special thanks to the entire Vater family and thIs fine gentleman
Chad Brandolini 

“Thank you for your continued support!”
 – Sincerely, Joe DeRose