Aquarian Drum Heads

Joe has been playing Aquarian Drumheads since 1998. He was first introduced to Aquarian by his teacher, friend, legendary musician, and educator, Joe Porcaro R.I.P. After playing the superior quality of Aquarian Drumheads, Joe was unable to go back to the competitor’s heads. The tone of the head alone speaks for itself!  Chris Brady, in charge of artist relations, has become a dear friend to me, and has treated me as a valued artist for over 25 years now! Joe is proud to be a part of the Aquarian family!

Band names
Jazz-Fusion group, Joe DeRose and Amici II
Samoan Reggae Artist, Geno and The Blue Island Band.

Joe proudly uses the following Aquarian Drumheads
Toms, Classic Clears, top and bottoms
8”, 10”, 12” 14” 16”

Snare batter side, single-ply Texture Coated
10”, 14”

Snare bottom side, Classic Clear Snare Side
10”, 14”

Super Kick 10 batter side of Bass Drum

Regulator with kickport resonant side Bass Drum

Double kick pad

Studio Rings
8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”

A special thanks to the entire Aquarian family and these gentlemen
Roy Burns R.I.P
Chris Brady

“Thank you for your continued support!”
 – Sincerely, Joe DeRose