“After being off the drums for 30 years Joe jump-started me on the path to getting my funk back. He is a great teacher.”

“My son, now a drummer in several bands and a composer, studied under Joe for 8 years. He developed into a great drummer under Joe’s guidance. Joe’s teaching is extremely good. He helps his students create skills and soul. Joe himself is an extraordinary drummer with a very wide repertoire. He is also one of the nicest people we know and cares deeply for his students.”
Margot G

“Have been drumming for 15 years as a self-taught drummer, I started studying with Joe to continue improving my skills. Joe is a very knowledgeable drummer, from the technique, rudiments, music genres, and chart reading, he always provides useful guidance and insight from his professional experience and experience from his studying with multiple drum legends. After studying with Joe for half a year, my drum playing has significantly improved. I highly recommend Joe as your drum teacher.”
—Kevin H

“My 12-year-old son started lessons with Joe in February of this year. After spending 6 weeks at the guitar center in January, I was not feeling optimistic about my son learning how to play drums successfully and losing interest. I stumbled upon meeting Joe Derose through a referral and I am forever grateful I did! Within a few lessons my son was sounding like an actual drummer and I could hear the steady progression every time he practiced here at home. Joe has a very mellow style, and a kind attitude and spends quality time building rapport. He even met with us at the guitar center to help us choose a quality drum set when we decided finally purchase one. My son truly enjoys going to work with him weekly and I highly recommend giving him a try if you’re looking for a great drum instructor.”
—Helena P

“My Son has been taking lessons from Joe for quite some time now. Joe is fantastic.   I would recommend him to anyone, someone who wants to learn or continue learning.”
—Neal F

“Joe plays technically and soulfully and teaches his students how to play like that.”
— Ethan Skinner,

“Joe’s insightful and fun teaching method makes every lesson exciting! He is able to take rudimentary exercises and turn them into ideas for building grooves and solos that can be applied to the whole drum set.”
—Chris Scanlan,

“He is fun and easy to learn from, and also a good drummer!”
—Brent Jones,

“Joe is a great teacher and a wonderful mentor. I have taken lessons from him since 2014 and he has taught me many lessons about drumming but also lessons about life and how to become a better musician. He is very kind and willing to help you in any way he can. If you are searching to start a drumset for the very first time or you are looking to fine-tune your skills, he is the person to go to. In each lesson, I learn something new and they can be structured around something I need to improve on or something brand new that I would like to learn. I truly believe that he is THE BEST drum teacher I have ever had.”
—Isabella L

“Joe DeRose is a great teacher and friend. He has helped me improve as a drummer and musician for over 4 years. He’s knowledgeable in every genre of drumming and has guided me through rock, jazz, funk, and Latin styles. Joe makes learning simple and comprehensible by breaking down his own thinking process and offering personal advice. Great teacher for both beginners and advanced drummers.”
—Callum B

“Joe is an extraordinary drummer and outstanding teacher. He inspires and motivates, encourages, and guides. With Joe as a teacher, my son grew into a pretty good jazz drummer who gets tremendous joy out of playing with his friends, at school, and professionally. I took lessons from Joe myself for a while and learned so much. Joe has a big heart and cares much for all of his students. He is professional and reliable. We simply cannot recommend him highly enough.”
—Margot H

“My son started taking drum kit lessons from Joe when he was just 10 years old.  Thanks to Joe’s patience, willingness to be flexible, and inspiration, Chris has enjoyed a successful career in summer drum corps, and high school marching band and he is now in college studying to be a music teacher.  What I liked most about Joe was that he approached the whole person.  He worked with Chris on technique, but he also had him learn to play a song from the first day. Plus, he gave Chris a couple of very short writing assignment that was really simply about encouraging him to explore other drummers and techniques—it wasn’t graded or pressured, Note: Joe works well with kids with special needs. He is truly inspirational.”
—Lynn H

“Joe is a very passionate and accomplished musician and drum instructor.  I was very lucky to have found Joe as a teacher for my daughter. It was important to me to that my daughter play by learning to read the music for drumming not just play by ear, Joe not only provides that but also instructs her on how to conduct herself as a serious drummer, and with his instruction has helped to build her confidence. What my daughter has learned through Joe far exceeds the things that she has learned through her high school programs.”