Joe would first like to thank God for blessing him with perfect health, a beautiful family and friends, and for the gift of music!

Dedication to Mom and Dad for a lifetime of love and support! For putting up with my non-stop drumming, even at the dinner table. Funding and driving me to drum lessons until I could drive. Supporting my decision to move to Boston to follow my dream to attend Berklee College of Music Literally showing up to my every performance! I am forever grateful! I love you forever Mom and Dad!

I would also like to send a special thanks to my family: Gino Sr.(my first teacher), Nick Jr. for a lifetime of love, encouragement and for being the best bros ever!

And also to my sister-in-law, Debby, my Godson Gino Jr., Aly, Michael, and Natalie.

The DeRose, Infelise extended families, and to my loving and supportive, Godparents, Tony and Clare Cedolini, and the entire Cedolini family. Tiffany Infelise, Scott Bovenizer, and Don Barnes. Thank you for your love and support since the very beginning!

I would like to also thank the beautiful community of people that through my family’s business, Antipastos Deli has brought together. Thank you for always being there for me over the years. You are the best and I couldn’t live this dream without you!
I am so grateful to all of my friends, fans, teachers, students, and companies for all of their continued support as well!  And most of all, thanks to all the musicians who I have shared special musical moments, and friendships with over the last 35 years. Thank you for helping mold me into the musician I am today! I am sorry I could not mention everyone, but you know you are!

And a special thanks to the unsung heroes, The D.J.’s. The ones who believe in us as artists, play our music, interview us, promote our latest CD’s and our upcoming shows! Thank you for your continued support; Afrikan Jahmal Dayvs, Pete Fallico, Alisa Clancy, Greg Bridges and many more… A special thanks goes out to The Radio Stations and critics who believed in our music over the past years as well…Thank you! We could not be living this dream without you!


The Sixth Grade Talent Show Band
Mark Anderson
Stephen Phillips
Ryan Williams

The Joseph George Middle School Band
Under the direction of Joe Wood

The Alum Rock Jazz Band
Under the direction of Bill Nicolosi, Tim Spacheck, and Gill Saragossa.

The Bill Ireton Trio
Bill Ireton
Steve Boardman

Tal Hicks Jazz Quartet
Erika Hicks
Rick Silvestri
Amanda (Wong) West

Time Machine
Stephanie Teel
Mark Gelfand

The Chet Smith Orchestra
Chet Smith
David Halliday Jr.
Carlos “Joe” Costa

Duke Jethro Trio
Duke Jethro
The late great, Sammy Varella R.I.P.

Getting Even
Marcel Cardenas
Markus Yamamoto
Robert Rojas

Robin McKelle
Robin McKelle
Mark Shilansky
Massimo Biolcati

The“Rainbow” Big Band
Under the direction of Phil Wilson

The Art Blakey Ensemble
Under the direction of Billy Pierce

The Thelonious Monk Ensemble
Under the direction of Rick Peckham

The Toni Lynn Washington Band
Toni Lynn Washington
Bruce Bears
Tim Gearan
Lou Ulrich R.I.P
Paul Ahlstrand
Scott Aruda

The Eddie Gale Inner Peace Orchestra
Eddie Gale, San Jose’s Ambassador of Jazz, R.I.P.

The Outlet
Jonathan Bautista
Lukas Vesely

Erric Walker
Gene Ginn
Dana Weathers
Akil Wemusa
Don Meyer

The Kofy Brown Band
Kofy Brown
Bryan Dean
Sean Leahey

Michael Annotti
Michael Annotti
Chico Lopez

Groove Nugget
Tim Watrous
Matt Diggs
Eric Thomas

Uncle Melvin
Henry Lange
Russ Pettit
Avey Gonzales

The Hristo Vitchev Quartet and Quintet
Hristo Vitchev
Weber Iago
Dan Robbins
Christian Tamburr

Yokoshida Oda Quintet (Japan tour 2010)
Yokoshida Oda
Matt Toshima
Hristo Vitchev

Joe DeRose and Amici
Dann Zinn
Hristo Vitchev
Dan Robbins
Weber Iago
Murray Low

Geno and The Blue Island Band
Geno Kostelnik
James Lewis
Joe Horner

Joe DeRose and Amici II
Dann Zinn
Murray Low
Brian Sheu
Eric Thomas

To all of my San Jose, Boston, and worldwide friends that I have had the pleasure enter my life! Thank you for your friendship—you have literally changed my life! Too many names to mention. Their names could definitely fill this computer!

A special thanks to, Benji Araiza, R.I.P., for his lifelong love, encouragement, and for producing Joe DeRose and Amici, Live at Antipastos out of the kindness of his heart. “Love and miss you Benj!” -Joe

Mike Broadus, Matt Diggs, Geno Kostelnik, Blake Cardoza, and everyone involved in these videos. Thank you!

“Nick’s Legacy”

“Smiles for Miles”

“ In a moment’s time”

Another special thank you goes out to my cousin, Don Barnes, for his love, continued support, and amazing artistic talent! Thanks so much for all of your time and dedication! This site would not be here without you!
“Love to You and the Barnes family!”-Joe

And to all my Drum Brothers: Gino DeRose Sr., Karl “Animal” Carter R.I.P, Jerry Rojas, Bryant Mills, Maurice Miles, Eugene Wake, Jimmy Azavedo, Marcus Gonzalez, Mike Suarez, Chris Scanlan, Jason Wall, Mike Vanderhule, Andy Weis, Mike Broadus, Kevin Hill, Keanu Razonable,Chris Rivelli, Sergio Bellotti, Rick Considine, Neal Flynn, Christiane  Lee-Mahon, Joe Bergamini and all of the amazing Sabian SEN educators, My Rhythm Academy family: Paul Batres, Jimmy DeGrasso, Wally Schnalle, Chris Losavio, Steve Pefley, Lane Sanders.  Music Inc friends: Brian Powell, Shawn Williams, Mike Tellez, Sean Cannon and Juan Carlos Robles. Chad Wackerman, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Lewis Nash and many more…….thank you for your friendship and inspiration!!!

Another special thanks go out to all of my endorsers for their continued support and for making such amazing instruments! They have truly helped me define my sound as an artist!

John Farquharson at Pearl Drums
Serge Kolomiets at Pearl Drums
Tom Storch at Pearl Drums
Kazuhisa Yoshizawa at Pearl Drums
Andy Zildjian at SABIAN Cymbals
Chris Stankee at SABIAN Cymbals
Roy Burns at Aquarian Drumheads R.I.P.
Chris Brady at Aquarian Drumheads
Chad Brandolini at Vater Percussion
Roxanne Ricks at audio-technica
Gary Boss at audio-technica
Dean Bowdery at PROTECTIONracket
Rob Wallis at Hudson Music
Joe Bergamini at Hudson Music/The Sabian Education Network
Dom Famularo at The Sabian Education Network R.I.P.

Joe would like to thank Paul Batres of San Jose Pro Drums and The Rythm Academy for always making him feel welcome wherever he was a part of and for always providing him with an institution to educate at!



Here are some of the places that Joe has had the honor of educating at over the last 25 years!

“I am so blessed to have all of you in my life! “God Bless You.”
-Joe DeRose